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5 Simple Tips For Your New Blog Indexed by Google in 24 Hours

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In order to get visitors from search engines, the new wordpress blog should be indexed by search engines such as Google. More quickly indexed in Google, it’s better for the new blog for more chances of getting visitors.

How do I make a new wordpress blog indexed in 24 hours? Below are 5 tips that I do so all my new blog indexed in 24 hours. These five tips are done according to the order.

Prior to the five tips below, how does Google index the new blogs? First, Google spider (google spiders/bots) to find a new blog from the external links in your site or blog that is indexed, while the spider crawling your site or blog in question. Once found, the spider will enter the URL data in a new blog.

  1. Write at least 3 posts that are not copy paste.
    Original post was liked Google because of the unique and not in the database they have. Thus, take your time to find the reference needed to write original posts. Does the article should have its internal links? I think not necessarily. I myself made 3 posts without internal links. However, if you want to create internal links on each post, it does not matter.
  2. The third register is written to the Cross News.
    Traffic News upadated by new articles sent its members. Thus, Google will often crawling the social bookmarking site. At that crawl, Google’s spiders will find a link to your article list.
  3. Commented on dofollow blog.
    Give one or more comments on a dofollow blog.
  4. Backlinks from pagerank blog you have.
    If you have other blogs that have high pagerank, made a posting that link to posting or the home page of your new blog.
  5. Verification and register a sitemap to Google.
    Verification can be done with meta tags. If you are not familiar with this, please refer to stages in the way the verification meta tag to wordpress. To register sitemap, you must create an XML sitemap first. How to use Google XML Sitemaps plugin. In setting this plugin, click the instructions build the site.

Are these five tips can make your new blog indexed in Google within 24 hours? To find out, a day after you do the five tips above, please typing in the Google code site: your domain name. If you appear in Google search results, means that your blog is indexed.

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