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Best Dedicated Hosting 2010

Dedicated Hosting means that part of the site doesn’t have space for a server with other customers. Your site is the exclusive right – that is dedicated to – the host server, it’s.

Dedicated Hosting is available for both Unix/Linux or Windows servers.

Dedicated Hosting

My server offers ample storage space and bandwidth for very large, high-traffic or the operation of critical web sites are run by large corporations, organizations, information heavy and active online communities. Dedicated hosting offers more safety, as every dedicated server hosts only one client.

Dedicated Hosting eliminate some potential disadvantages Shared Hosting, Long response times and server side can stop traffic with other web server common reasons were. Dedicated hosting you are also better able to install and use applications other than the recipient companies themselves provided.

Companies provide dedicated hosting services are often provided to help you manage and maintain server backups, server monitoring service, contact Technical Support and update the plan needs to change. With dedicated hosting, you’ll be able to better update the server’s hard disk and memory, and it may be your monthly bandwidth delivery system (for alignment) and the increased traffic needs.

Dedicated web hosting is an attractive Alternative If you’ve got a big, busy or complicated site, but you don’t want your company’s internal server. Right dedicated hosting should be able to provide you with all the features you need for your site, also plenty of storage space and bandwidth and number of databases, e-mail accounts as you need, web-based management, E-Commerce and support a wide range of applications.

Below is a complete of the best Dedicated hosting providers. I accept taken the Top 5 Dedicated Web Hosting companies and compared plan pricing, deejay space, bandwidth, and the amount of domains that you can host with one account. You accept aggregate that you charge to accomplish an abreast decision. Once you accept fabricated your selection, bang the “visit” hotlink to signup.

1. InMotionHosting

Best Dedicated Hosting

InMotion Hosting offers a variety of Unix-based hosting plans, including three deals, budget, and three business-focused plans.

All three value hosting packages feature a free domain name, POP3 and SMTP e-mail, two WebMail, autoresponders, email forwarding and aliases, antispam, 24 / 7 FTP access, customizable MX record, control panel, online file manager, password-protected directories, PGP encryption, Server Side Includes, CGI-BIN, custom error pages, cron jobs, and Web and FTP statistics. All also provide support for PHP, Perl, FrontPage, Dreamweaver and Adobe Go Live.

InMotion the value of the three alternative plans for Starter to 100 gigabytes of disk space, 1000 GB bandwidth and an FTP account.

Two increased the value of packages – Basic and Max – both offer a Web developer, 30-plus self-install scripts, four galleries five blog scripts, web calendar, calculator PHP-Nuke, phpWebsite, phpMyAdmin, phpBB forum, support services director, Mambo, Joomla! , Moodle, and support for Shockwave, Flash, streaming audio and streaming video.

The original plan offers 150 GB disk space, 1500 gigabytes of bandwidth, one FTP account, a MySQL database and support for up to two parked domains. Max value of the plan offers 200 GB disk space, 2000 gigabytes of bandwidth, five FTP accounts, MySQL databases, support for two up to five parked domains. Max is also reflected in the package is divided into SSL, select the three shopping carts, Secure SPAM e-mail accounts, FTP accounts, customizable, AWStats access to raw log files, add-on option for merchant account and osCommerce, CubeCart and Zen Cart shopping cart.

Of the inMotion three business plans – to launch Power and Pro – all with a free domain or domain transfer, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, secure POP3, IMAP, and SMTP e-mail, SPAMfighter Secure e-mail, the two webmail options, autoresponders, email forwarding and the names of the editable e-mail and spam filters, Box Trapper Spam Filter, E-mail domain forwarding, a customizable MX record, FTP accounts 24 / 7 access, FTP session control and custom FTP accounts, control panel, data backup, the premium site builder, to choose between two Web developers, and more file manager.

All three also offer Server Side Includes, CGI-BIN, Whois privacy password-protected directories, shared SSL, PGP encryption, alternative merchant account, Google Checkout, custom error pages, custom cron jobs, AWStats, Web and FTP Statistics, Access to raw log files, phpMyAdmin , visit inMotion on-staff designers and Google AdWords experts, and support for PHP 4, PHP 5, Perl 5, FrontPage, Dreamweaver, Adobe Go Live, Python, MySQL 4, MySQL 5, Flash, Shockwave, streaming audio and streaming video. Each business also has four photo galleries of five scripts for blogs, web, calendar, calculator PHP-Nuke, phpWebsite, phpBB forum, support services director, Mambo, Joomla! and Moodle.

Launch of the business plan should be supported by two seats on Fri account, support for up to six parked domains, and up to 25 sub-domains, 1000 FTP accounts, and two MySQL databases.

Power’s business plan supports up to six sites per account, support for up to 26 parked domains, and up to 100 sub-domains, 2000 FTP accounts, 50 MySQL databases, but the Pro plan supports up to 16 sites Fri accounts, unlimited parked domains and unlimited subdomains. Pro plan includes unlimited FTP accounts, 200 MySQL database, and osCommerce, CubeCart and Zen Cart. Both plans are e-commerce ready.

InMotion hosting is paid the value of two years in advance, even if the business deals can be paid monthly, annually or every two years.

In addition to the basic and e-commerce hosting, InMotion also site management services, Virtual Private hosting and dedicated servers. The company offers 24 / 7 phone, chat and online support, get-started guide, Flash tutorials, user guides, support forum, knowledgebase, and the 90-day money-back guarantee.


InMotion has offices in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Marina del Rey, California.

2. Godaddy

Godaddy offers both Unix and Windows-based hosting plans, with a choice of three different packages of each: Economy, Deluxe and Unlimited.

All hosting plans offer auto reply, mail forwarding, spam and virus protection, protection against fraud, ID email sender authentication, “Light” WebMail, a file manager, site statistics, 290-plus greeting cards, a start-up wizard, an option for adding SSL encryption; Statistics spot, support for FrontPage and credits for Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter. They also come with free add-on options for Vanilla forum, YetAnotherForum, Gallery Gallery, BlogEngine.Net, dasBlog, Serendipity, WordPress, ZenCart, DotNetNuke 4.0, joomla, advanced guest book and additional payment options for ColdFusion.

Additional features include hosting with Unix server side includes, paFileDB, a premium add-on options for SQLyogEnterprise, SSH access, cron jobs, osCommerce and support for PHP 4, PHP 5 and custom PHP.ini/PHP5.ini. Unix plans also come with 4images, Coppermine Gallery and picture galleries, pre-installed ImageMagick, Noah’s Classifieds, OpenX advertising, Drupal, PostNuke and other content management applications, project management applications, Web Calendar, WordPress, wikis and other applications.

Features offered only with Windows plans include support for ASP, ASP.NET 1.0/2.0/3.5 v, ASP.NET AJAX and PHP 5 (Windows IIS7 only). Windows options also come with MS Access and free pre-installed programs for MS IE Web Controls, WSE 2.0, 3.0 ASPUpload, ASPJPEG 1.4, and GUIDMaker ASPCrypt and premium add-on WISE-FTP and Community Server.

Both Unix and Windows Business plans come with 10 gigabytes or disk space, 300GB bandwidth, support for unlimited domains and external domains, and supports up to 25 subdomains. In addition, 100 email accounts with 100MB of mailbox space, 50 FTP accounts, 10 MySQL databases with database backup and restore.

Windows-based economy hosting also offers a 200-megabyte MS SQL database with database backup, restore and publishing wizard.

Godaddy’s Deluxe hosting package offers 150 gigabytes of disk space and 1500 GB bandwidth, along with 500 email accounts, 500MB of mailbox space, 50 FTP accounts (Windows IIS7 only, an FTP account for Windows IIS6), 25 MySQL databases, with backup and restore, and support for unlimited domains, subdomains and external domains.

Deluxe Unix-based web host has support for Perl with fastcgi, Python CGI, Java, Ruby CGI, Ruby on Rails with fastcgi. Deluxe Windows Plan contains two 200-MB MS SQL databases with database backup, restore and publishing wizard.

The unlimited hosting plans come with unlimited disk space and bandwidth, along with 1000 mailboxes, 1000 MB of mailbox space, 50 FTP accounts (Windows IIS7 only, an FTP account for Windows IIS6) and support for an unlimited number of domains, sub-domains and external domains. Other features include 50 MySQL databases with database backup and recovery, and an SSL certificate.

In addition, Windows-based Unlimited hosting included three 200-MB MS SQL database with database backup, restore and publishing wizard.

Godaddy also has 24 / 7 and e-mail, firewall protection, domain services name, network, blog and podcast hosting, virtual dedicated servers, dedicate hosting, personal, group and business email services, accounts, merchants and e commerce services, and reseller hosting.

Founded in 1997, Godaddy is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company employs more than 2000 people, manages more than 32 million domain names and has six million plus customers.

3. LunarPages

Lunarpages Web Hosting offers Unix-based hosting, as well as Windows-hosting, e-mail and other web-hosting services.

Best Dedicated Hosting

Both packages come with a password-protected directories, statistics, OpenPGP / GPG encryption, shared SSL, OsCommerce, Zen Cart and CubeCart shopping cart; Fantastico installation script with more than 35 applications for blogs, FAQ, guestbook, polls, photo gallery, wiki and more as well as support for PHP, Perl, FrontPage, Python, Dreamweaver, Ruby On Rails, Apache 2, Microsoft Silverlight, streaming audio and video, RealAudio and video, Flash, Shockwave, and MIDI files.

In addition, major Lunarpages hosting service plan includes unlimited bandwidth, and “Business Package provides an opportunity for the trading account.

Hosting is paid annually or every two years.

Lunarpages customers get access to 24 / 7 phone and online support, FAQ, online tutorials, a glossary, knowledge base, support forums and guarantee 30 days money back guarantee.

Best Dedicated Hosting

Founded in 2000, Lunarpages Web Hosting manages servers in data centers 4 in California and Nevada.

4. HostGator

HostGator offers three different Unix-based hosting packages: Hatchling, Baby and Business.


All three Hostgator plans come with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited subdomains, unlimited POP3 accounts, webmail, mailing lists, autoresponders, email aliases, mail forwarding, Spam Assassin, SMTP, IMAP support, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited MySQL databases, phpMyAdmin, cPanel control panel, web-based file manager, redirects, custom error pages, site builder and templates, instant backups, and a password-protected directories. All hosting options including Server Side Includes, CGI-BIN, Cron Jobs, AWStats with real-time updates, Webalizer statistics, SSH, IP deny manager, hot link protection, raw log manager, referrer logs, error logs, shared SSL, ImageMagick, Agora Cart, osCommerce, ZenCart and Cube Cart.

Also found in all hosting plans have Fantastico Script Installer with a 52-plus scripts for blogs, content management, forums, customer support, e-commerce, polling, wikis and more. Each option includes support for PHP 5, Perl, Python, FrontPage, CHostGator, GD and streaming audio and video.

The Hatchling Plan provides support for one domain, while possible, the Baby and Business Packages both unlimited domains, add-on domains and parked domains.

Moreover, the Business Plan features free dedicated IP, private SSL, anonymous FTP, and support for Chili Soft ASP.

HostGator with instant backups, a 45-day money back guarantee and 24 / 7 phone, chat and email. Hosting plans are payable quarterly, but come with a discount for payment a year, two or three years in advance.


HostGator buys wind renewable energy credits to offset 130 percent of the shared and reseller hosting services. The company also offers reseller hosting, an affiliate program, dedicated servers (both Unix and Windows) and soon expects to start offering Windows-based shared hosting and. Private, Hostgator was founded in Florida in 2002 and is now based in Houston.

5. SingleHop

SingleHop specializes in dedicated and managed hosting services, offers both Unix and Windows-based options for its customers.

Dedicated servers based on Unix support both CentOS (4.x) and the Debian operating system and comes in three packages: the P430X-S, S and S CDUO E2200, which is equipped with 250 gigabytes of disk space and 5000 GB bandwidth. S-P430X has an Intel Pentium 4 3.0GHz Hyper-Threaded processor, while the S CDUO comes with an Intel Core2Duo E6320 Conroe Dual-Core 1.86 GHz, and S-E2200 is an Intel Pentium Allendale E2200 2.2 GHz Dual -Core processor.

Among the Windows-based dedicated server plans P430X-S, S and S CDUO E2200, all offering 250 gigabytes of disk space and 5000 GB of bandwidth options and provide the same processor servers based on Unix.

General SingleHop managed dedicated server plans come with IMAP, POP and SMTP email services, DNS (BIND), HTTP (Apache on Linux, Windows IIS or Apache), Apache add-on modules, MySQL, Java / JSP / Apache Tomcat Servlet and support, a number of third party scripts and software and updates to the control panel and software management. All managed servers General also intends to offer two hours of troubleshooting system administrator once a month with options for adding more.

SingleHop offers group and custom complex hosting, dedicated servers semi-managed services, installation of Microsoft Silverlight, a la carte and an affiliate program.


Founded in 2006, SingleHop is headquartered in Chicago, where the company operates a SAS 70 Type 1 certified data center.

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