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Some of the restrictions that I mentioned below are a few things that can cause your site or punishment pinalty affected by Search Engine rare even ISSUED site of a Search Engine because it below, so do not try to use the technique below.

  1. Cloaking
    Cloaking technique is a technique that uses two types of pages in the application. The first page is a page dedicated to visitors who have designed the best possible. And the second page is a page dedicated to crawlers in indexing sites. On this second page, the content displayed is not visitor-friendly but a crawler-friendly because it contains only keywords field. When visitors visit the second page, visitors will be redirect to the first page. If the crawler is visiting the first page how? robots.txt is the answer. These techniques include techniques that are prohibited into the Search Engine. But because the Search Engines have difficulty in tracking and make user escape from the supervision of Search Engine.
  2. Insert Hidden Keyword
    Hidden keywords in a way to disguise the color of the keywords with the background color. There are also links that are hidden in this way, and the Search Engine is able to detect it so be careful to users of this technique.
  3. Duplicate Content
    Search Engine will not make allowances for the plagiarist. So for you who have the intention of duplicating the content of others without permission then your site will get the punishment of reduction in rank. For the victims, you can protect your content on the site are rising Copyscape.
  4. Keyword Stuffing
    Keywords that are too excessive to be inserted in a content item that has a low readability level was also a site you may incur penalties. My advice, do not be too ambitious to add too many keywords in your content. There are many other ways you can do to rule a keyword. If your site is qualified, then ultimately your site will be referenced by visitors and more effective way than to spread unnecessary keywords. If you’re lucky, you will get organic keywords from the job this one :)
  5. Link Farm
    Collecting links on one page also proved dangerous for your site. You also have to be careful using the submitter services to many sites. Maybe you inserted the link on the site to the link farm, your site’s credibility could decline if so how. You also have to be careful when providing an email on these sites, your email will usually be targeted spam.

Some of the above items are examples of what NOT to do on your site. There are many things that I will share with you. Therefore, still visit your favorite sites on the Internet-connected computer in the city nearest you well?

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