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Firesheep: Facebook and Twitter Accounts Hacking Made Easy

The new Firefox extension Firesheep even inexperienced hackers can easily unencrypted data transmission in open Wi-Fi networks catch and get hold of the login data from Facebook and Twitter accounts. This hack is possible to answer by the clear text transmission of the login data that Facebook and Twitter with a cookie. This session cookie grabs Firesheep, allowing the account access.

To the relevant services can be accessed via the hack with Fire Sheep, are in addition to information from TechCrunch Facebook and Twitter, many other networks and services such as Amazon.com, bit.ly, Dropbox, Flickr, Github, Google, Tumblr , WordPress and Yahoo. In principle, each side is concerned, the login data over unencrypted connections. The only requirement is that the Fire Sheep page have to understand. add self-service should not be very difficult.

Presumably the extension that is available for Windows and Mac OS X available quite quickly disappear. However, the developer Eric Butler then has probably achieved his goal because he is in the sense not a hacker, but rather want to draw attention to the vulnerability. He sees the service providers have a duty to ensure the safe would √úbetragung, but this is simply ignored for a long time.




Until further notice, one should therefore be very careful when you tune in to an open wireless network. The safest course is then to dispense with the services at risk – even if it does not leave very much left.

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