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HostGator Black Friday Promo

I use Hostgator hosting for over a year and you would like a little bit about hostgator, the cost, speed, and more. How do you determine have noticed, I’ve also done advertising in Hostgator Blog, because I think it’s really good hosting.

I have read after a while and learn to overcome, try hosting in the USA. What there pretty much all Hoster have in common is that there are no limits. A land of opportunity given. Unlimited domains, unlimited traffic, no limits what PHP configurations, etc. As for all sorts of things like Ruby on Rails, Python, etc. are supported and so far I have not found anything missing what would. One way to manage complex e-mails and there is unlimited storage space on top. Also, unlimited MySQL databases are included. The fabulous at a price of $9.95 monthly

I must admit, I can say about the support so far not much since I came alone, completely clear and there has been no problems. I host 7 domains currently with projects there and the connection is really good if you optimize the sites works slightly OnPage then this

Is managed hosting via cPanel – so far I had only Confixx – and at first it was a bit of getting used to and seemed to me confusing, but after a little “learning curve” when it will even call it that, is now everything quickly and smoothly. The cPanel can try it here (demo; the Domain Owner Panel it is).

Another cool feature I’ve never known before, is Fantastico De Luxe. A tool that enables 1-click installations of various CMS, blog and shop systems versions are current. Without creating additional databases or otherwise. Who installed WordPress times more often, like me, this feature will be appreciated, because it saves on the FTP upload, changing configuration files, and more.

Hosting can terminate other months and the first month must be tested for $0.01 / ยข1 An unbeatable offer. Great opportunity to try how strong HostGator in dealing with your websites rite? if you are still in doubt with the power of Hostgator, just try in the a few coming months, I recommended 3-4 month.

So I really recommend to Hostgator (no affilite link!), any questions you shall feel free to leave comments I will answer honestly. Just signup to get HostGator hosting using HostGator Black Friday Promo below, you’ll just pay $0.01 for first month or reduce 20% when checkout.

HostGator Black Friday Promo HostGator Black Friday Promo

HostGator Black Friday Promo HostGator Black Friday Promo

PS: Should you be interested, I can also show how to domains used with Hostgator.. Therefore one must take a little detour, but it is never a problem and takes 2 minutes.

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