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How To Pass Copyscape Using Plugin

Copyscape is a problem when you want to copy content from other website/blogs. In this case your content would be easily detected by Copyscape.com.

OK guys, now I want to share a free Unique Content plugin that you can use on your blog, and you can freely copy the content from other website/blog without fear of detection by Copyscape.

Using this script is easy and simple, please take note that this script requires php enabled server to work.
There are 3 ways to use this script

  1. WordPress plugin, the file inside the “wpuniquecontent” is the file you need to upload in your wordpress blog wp-content/plugins after uploading the file login to your wordpress blog wp-admin and activate the ” WordPress Unique Post Creator” plugin. After activating no more action needed.
  2. Use the script to manually translate a certain articles, then copy and paste to your site.
    Upload all the files (except the uniquecontent folder) to your site, then point your browser to http://www.yoursite.com/makeunique.php using the form is easy you can play on it.
  3. You can integrate this script in your php script. Just include the copyescape.php file, Then call the codeit() function

    include “copyscape.php”;
    $translated = codeit(“DAta to translate here”,”except1,except2,except3″);

    where except1,except2,except3 are keywords you want to exclude when the script create new code for your site content.

How To Pass Copyscape

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