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How to View the Kitchen Sink for SEO Onpage

SEO Onpage

Heading H1, H2, and H3 are used to create subtitles in the posting. According to some SEO experts, this is one of the SEO on page. I used to do this in wordpress.com blog (free). However, when to apply it in wordpress.org, I was confused because the heading format button does not appear in my posts that were made.

After a confused moment, was the feature should be displayed by pressing the kitchen sink. Below are ways to display them.

  1. When creating a new post, the default view postings like this feature.

    SEO Onpage

  2. To raise heading format, press the Kitchen Sink (red circled). Display features like this.

    SEO Onpage

  3. Highlight subtitle posting, and click and choose Paragraph headings give the desired format (I usually use the format H2).

    SEO Onpage


Besides being used to format headings, features kitchen sink you can also use to color the letters, giving underline, align full, paste as plain text, paste from word, and so on.

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