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Panda Update: Google’s Quality Initiative

Panda Update: Google’s Quality Initiative. Out with the click farms, in with quality offerings: with new search algorithms, will increase the U.S. Internet giant Google the benefit of its search results. The results of the changes were already measurable at the weekend.

Panda Update

Google’s search engine to get better. To the technicians of the Internet Group’s strong bolted under the hood and change the search algorithms of the market leader. With the campaign, the leaders declared the Google Blog, they have “consistently improves search quality.” The code-named “Panda” summarized the company has introduced changes to its English-language Web sites in June. Been the weekend, the new rating system for search results in other countries.

Since then, the new rules to make sure that pages with quality content above and those below are placed with less high-quality content in the results list. The update should a variety website punish, farm known as content: cheap content that seekers promotions be lured. The results of the action were immediately measurable.

Here, experts expect that not more than 6 to 9% of searches in a way noticeable for users would be affected. The search engine experts at Searchmetrics and Sistrix analysed immediately, how Google’s Panda update affects the placement of Web pages in Google search results.

More losers than winners?


You set up a winning and losers ranking respectively. In absolute terms, the biggest losers at Searchmetrics hot www.itproportal.com, gutefrage.net and dooyoo.de. Their visibility on Google has therefore declined to 56% to 65%. Sistrix comes to slightly different results, sees kelkoo.de (minus 86%) and alatest.de (down 70%) as the biggest losers.


But where there are losers, there must be also winner. News Web sites in particular benefit from the new collation on Google, are now listed in the search results further forward. As well have been vigorously upgraded information portals and Facebook in the result list. As a whole, so the search engine experts, these findings with the developments, which was observed at the introduction of Panda updates in the United States and the UK are identical. However, it is striking that the losses of the losers be overall stronger than the gains of the newcomer.

Need to catch up
It remains ultimately to what extent the update now not only measuring but also significantly affects the quality of search results. Because the market researchers of Experian Hitwise attest as regards the need to catch up. According to a recent Hitwise study Microsoft’s Bing and Yahoo come only to 28.05 percent of the U.S. search engine market. Their hit ratio should be far higher than that of Google.

Therefore, Bing had a success rate of 80,04%, which was even surpassed Yahoo with 81,36 in July 2011. Success rate means that the user clicked one of the links offered by the search engine. Google’s success rate have been only lean 67,56%, the researchers write.

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