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Simple Way To Decode footer.php Manually

Decode footer.php Manually

Actually what I want to discuss now quite detrimental to the every theme developers, very violated to creative commons licenses an GNU General Public License, But this is really I want to express because lately the theme developers are extremely outrageous, especially in providing links and are usually located in the footer.php. They are not only put 1-2 links, but some even put up to 8 links and many of them is an affiliate link that is not preferred to search engine, e.g. gambling site and porn site. Clearly the existence of these links are very uncomfortable for you and very detrimental to you as the owner of the website/blog moreover if it’s not necessarily the same keyword or niche.

OK, steps are:

  1. Backup your footer.php theme.
  2. Open indeks.php or single.php.
  3. Find the code of
    <?php get_footer(); ?>
  4. Paste the code or replace with

    <?php get_footer(); ?>
  5. After all, open your website/blog, wherever it was. Right click your mouse: view page source (firefox only) or using combination Ctrl + U on your keyboard.
  6. Now you facing with source and the find and copy the code between

  7. Open your footer.php.
    Remove or replace all script with the script that you take from the source and save. You just need a little bit of php knowledge to edit some features around footer.php
  8. Done!

If you don’t wanna confused in ways that I express, you can take advantage of some capable WebService to decode locked script.

  1. tareeinternet.com/scripts/decrypt.php
  2. tareeinternet.com/scripts/byterun.php
  3. ottodestruct.com/decoder.php
  4. www.tareeinternet.com/forum/knowledgebase/274-decoding-eval-gzinflate-base64_decode.html

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