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Tools Needed to Create a WordPress Theme

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Many themes with free premium quality scattered out there but the problem is: Every person has their taste. And though good, is not necessarily free themes are suitable for you. Or Free theme contains malware, iframe injection, SQL backdoor and a lot of virus so be careful using free theme or premium theme which you can be found for nulled/warez version e.g www.magpress.com or www.newwpthemes.com (their theme contain iframe and SQL backdoor injection).

It is a challenge is the fact that not everyone has the basic – the basic of web design and web developing which both are required in making a wordpress theme. Simple formula to make WordPress Theme:

WordPress Theme = XHTML + CSS + PHP tags for WordPress + JavaScript function call (to a certain effect)

Tools Needed to Create a WordPress Theme
Things that you need to create your own WordPress Theme:

  1. WordPress Theme installed locally on your computer.
    The point is your computer acts as a hosting server and have installed the wordpress engine on the server your computer. So you don’t need connect on the internet: Turn on your PC, turn on the server program on your computer, open the browser, and access localhost. Point? editing process to run fast, and you don’t redundant bandwidth. silau man!

    • To do this, download XAMPP, it will create your PC able to work as a server and then install on your PC.
    • Download the latest version of WordPress here.
  2. Editor to edit the source code.
    Website composed of code. whether it is HTML, CSS, JavaScript, all of whom are code. therefore you need a software editor code. ok

    Code Editor Software:

    • Macromedia Dreamweaver. great for beginners because there are features autocomplete. Like Google Suggestion is yet to code. Staining code is also quite helpful though. I personally used this software at the beginning when learn web developing. Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 for windows, Dreamweaver Mac Version.
    • NotePad++. if you have trouble getting DreamWeaver, use Notepad++. Free, light, and works well. Download Notepad++ and then install.
  3. Software for image editing.
    Software for image processing. Well, it seems no need to explain anymore for Adobe Photoshop CS5 windows version, Adobe Photoshop CS5 [Mac] or you can use CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5.

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