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What The Different of SEO & SEM

SEO & SEM fix

The development of a very fast internet was impact to the development of search engines. It also turned out to have an impact on the development of sciences that explore the use of search engines such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and finally affects the uniformity of the lack of defining these two disciplines (ed: SEO and SEM). There is a rate that SEO and SEM is actually the same branch of science, others think otherwise. However SEO is the science of SEM (SEM is the scientific view that use search engines as a tool to market the product, and one way is to use SEO). I will try to explain it to you.

Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Marketing is a marketing technique by utilizing search engines advertising something. Various ways to use any of a variety, there is a form of advertising on search engines, paid inclusion, and a few other things which I will explain below.

  1. Paid Inclusion
    Paid inclusion is an activity when you’re paying to the search engine / web directory to your site more quickly listed in their database. It also makes your site more often visited by crawlers which they send.
  2. Advertising
    Advertise on programs like Google Adword SEM is a technique that can be practically telling and right on target. This is because your site will be advertised with certain keywords related to your site so that visitors are targeted imported. Lack of this program is that you will need quite a bit of cost.

Both the above items proved to have shortcomings in terms of funding and not a little span of time is relatively short, different from SEO which emphasizes the application on the web page optimization. SEO requires funding was relatively smaller than advertising through one of our advertising program as well as with paid inclusion and SEO turned out to have a longer effect. And you know what? SEO also aims to market your product in the media search engine in this SEM. Utilize organic SEO search term in the promotion action (by first doing that comply with the rules of optimization optimization search engine on each course) and in the implementation of online marketing, SEO is the technique turns out that there is always a mandatory menu alias SEM. This is what ultimately makes the understanding of practitioners becomes distorted.

The core of this explains is: Search Engine Optimization or SEO is often abbreviated as it is part of the Search Engine Marketing that aims to promote your product (in the form of sites, services, goods, etc.)

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