Aming W. Widono

I am a Father to the core ❤

I am a  Web Developer  with a passion for the World Wide Web. I have a keen interest in self development and I like to employ the scientific method to everything that I do by making choices based on research and evidence.

In my spare time I enjoy experimenting with new technology, writing articles for my blog, playing computer games and smartphone gaming.

I like to spend a lot of free time in the kitchen for cooking, well yea, I cook Indonesian cuisine, Italian and Mexicano.

Another time exploring the outside world, either by van, bicycle or on foot with my two champions, we love exploring nature.
Yep, I am single Dad, a father to the core ❤.
Now I work on my own company based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, PT. Global Harvester® Indonesia.

Aming W. Widono

● I worked at several international standard hotels in Yogyakarta as Chef de Parte (CDP), at 2000 - 2002.
● Former Junior Datacenter Officer Attandant at Siemens Mobile, at 2002 - 2003
● Former Database Administrator and Data Document Processing at the Jakarta Stock Exchanges (JSX)/Indonesia Stock Exchanges (IDX), Jakarta, 2003 - 2004.
● Former Senior DataCenter Administrator at Great Eastern International, Singapore, 2004 - 2007
● Former Data Analytics at Hellman & Friedman, Singapore, 2007 - 2016


● CEO of PT. Global Harvester® Indonesia — Jakarta.
● CEO of PT. Jogja Digital Harvester Multidata — Jogjakarta.
● CEO of PT. Wonderful Harvester Wisata Indonesia — Jogjakarta.
● CEO of Telin Digital Harvester Cloud Ltd. — Singapore.
● CEO of CV. Harvester Citra Indonesia — Jogjakarta.
● CEO of CV. Aroma Harvester Banyu Tumetes — Jogjakarta.
● CEO of PT. Hunian Harvester Panenmas — Jakarta.

  • Yogyakarta — Indonesia.
  • +6281316350500

Professional Skills

Based on dual Undergraduate degree education:
● Tourism Management Academy - Yogyakarta — certified 2001
● Gadjah Mada University of Computer Science, Yogyakarta — certified 2002.

Digital Marketing Consultant 40%
Web Consultant 80%
Web Design & Web Programming 70%
Back-End Web Development 80%
Database: MariaDB, NoSQL, SQLite, MongoDB 80%
WordPress 95%
completed project
design award
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current projects


An individual who prioritizes working alongside clients in order to achieve the desired results in a quick and efficient manner. Familiar with all stages of project design and implementation in order to train or educate employees as necessary.

Experienced web consultant with more than 15 years experience in the field of any website operations. Innovative and committed expert who has proven history of aiding and significantly improving the efficiency and success.


Yogyakarta — Indonesia.